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DIY Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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Most water contains minerals and sediment, it travels throughout your home’s water system and gets trapped in your faucet aerator, washing machine hose screens, water filters and your water heater. Ever had a faucet start to shoot water out to the side? When you unscrewed the aerator you find it full of debris. Well, the same thing happens inside your water heater!

Stay Warm, Fast and easy Water Heater Maintenance

Be Ready

Texas Eagle Eye Inspections PLLC

You accepted the offer, the papers are signed, and your home inspection is the last major hurdle. The inspection process can be a nerve-racking experience as it may uncover issues that could cost you money or the deal. With a little preparation and planning beforehand can help smooth the process and reduce your level of concern. This checklist covers how to manage your packing and still be ready for the inspection, special considerations for vacant homes, and finally what to do the day of the inspection. Click to download a printable version of the checklist