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Take a Look

Texas Eagle Eye Inspections PLLC

Would you spend 30 minutes viewing a property that is going to be your home for many years? Some buyers do – and live to regret it. This is a simple home buyer check list that will help you look past the staging, landscape, fixtures and finishes and determine if the home warrants a deeper look or if you need to move on and look at another home. These are strong indicators of how well the home has been maintained will identify if a home is more trouble than it's worth.


    Exterior of Your Home:

    • Make sure there is a vertical gap of at least 6 inches between any dirt or mulch and the brick or siding of the house, the foundation should be exposed.

    • Check the siding and trim for damage or rot.

    • Check for intact caulk around windows and over nail heads.

    • Verify that weather stripping is intact.

    • Test exterior doors and knobs, latches and deadbolts.

    Roofing & Gutters:

    • Damaged or missing roofing materials or a saggin roof.

    • Are the gutters damaged, rusted through or sagging.

    • Check that downspouts are properly diverted away from the house, either with elbows and splash blocks or drain pipes.


    • Test the garage door opener

    • If the home is newer with solid core, self-closing door to the interior, make sure the door closes and seals properly by itself.

    Kitchen, Utility, & Bathrooms:

    • Check for leaks under the sinks and around the faucets.

    • Look damage around toilets, tubs and showers.

    • Inspect the tub and shower surround; don’t forget to check along the floor in front of tubs, showers and around toilets.

    • Test built-in appliances.

    Interior & Attic:

    • Open and close interior doors, verifying they operate easily, look for missing or damaged hardware

    • Open, close and lock or latch interior windows, look for missing or damaged hardware.


    • Flip all the switches to test light fixtures and fans.


    • Check the water heater for signs of leaking or damage.

    Heating & Cooling Systems:

    • Look for debris, plants and shrubs that closer than 24 inches to the exterior compressor of your air conditioning.

    • Check the level the exterior compressor.